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Welcome to Yeoman Farmers Brand Ltd - Premium Hemp Genetics

Welcome to Yeoman Farmers Brand Ltd - Premium Hemp Genetics

Welcome to Yeoman Farmers Brand Ltd - Premium Hemp GeneticsWelcome to Yeoman Farmers Brand Ltd - Premium Hemp Genetics

About Us

Propagule - Seedlings & Clones

Cannabis Industrial Hemp Clone or propagule, soul grown indoor, with organic nutrients.


Cannabis Medical recreational industrial Hemp leaf.


Cannabis Marijuana, or Hemp smokable flower, or bud. Trichomes, terpenes, medicine, textiles, fiber, seed, clones, seedlings, breeding, genetics, strains, cultivars, farmer.

Get to Know Your Farmer(s)

Together our team has provided over 6 Million quality seeds planted in over 30 states!

THE FARM is a 5.53 million square foot private property, nestled within the confines of a 193,000 acre region of Northeastern Colorado, known as the Pawnee National Grasslands.

What makes this breeding facility extremely unique is the complete isolation allows Yeoman Farmers to breed and refine Cannabis-Industrial Hemp genetics without the risk of windborne pollination.

The farm boasts indoor cultivation space, outdoor field grown cultivation space and greenhouse facilities; allowing year-round production of the highest quality seed-stock and nursery-propagule possible. The facility has state of the art analytical testing capabilities, using the same equipment that the DEA and State agricultural departments use - ensuring results that are consistent.

Yeoman Farmers Brand, is recognized as having one of the best collections of Cannabis genetics in the United States, and many of the most recognized strains that are currently in production have stemmed from lineages within their secure seed vault. Their seed bank consists of over 250 different Type III Industrial Hemp genetic variations and several hundred Cannabis Med/Rec cultivars that have been secured since the late 60’s from around the World.

Industrial Hemp strains such as the cold tolerant “Sakha” Siberian - the primary cultivar used for oil production in the region and Illinois “Traintrack” obtained from an old rope factory in Peoria that was grown during the “Hemp For Victory” era. They also have a variety of traditional colonial Hemp; such as those that were grown by George Washington in their Landrace Collection. Their access to historic lineage even includes Hokkaido, wild Japanese Hemp. Their Med/Rec Collection includes landraces such a Pure Pakistan, Afghan, Pure Durbin Poison, Hash Plant, and Northern Lights. In addition, they have an entire Collection referred to as the “Coffin Cuts”, that are OG house favorites such as the Original 1982 Tahoe Cut, Hawaiian Thai (1977 Thai x 1982 Hawaiian Skunk), and ‘69 Afghan grown in Santa Barbara CA since development. Within the seed bank their modern designer varieties includes strains such as Cookies, Cakes, and Gelatos. Many of the genetics within their seed bank have influenced today’s cannabis breeding and consumption markets on a global level.

THEIR EXPERIENCE allows them to focus on refining details within cannabis genetics that solve essential issues for growers; such as Total THC compliance, bug and mildew resistance, maximum yield, cannabinoid potency, ideal terpene profiles and resin production. The members on their team all possess a minimum of 10 devoted years to cannabis cultivation and it shows through great attention to detail. You could say that they know what it takes to “make good medicine” and it all starts with the right genetics.

A method to ensure success is to reduce as many variables as possible and the Yeoman Farmers team has experience with everything from hydroponics, soil grown, indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, field irrigation methods, integrated pest management, nutrient deficiencies, soil types, etc. The wealth of quality industry knowledge Yeoman Farmers possess in combination with the increased interest in cultivation of Cannabis varieties allows them to offer consultations and guidance on this crop. Utilizing Yeoman Farmers consultation services compresses the learning curve, increases the opportunity for crop success and protects capital investment when attempting to grow Cannabis.

THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES follow a willingness to help clients achieve success. They only release reliable genetics that have been proven stable and tested by them first. They do not sell seeds or clones that have not been grown by them first hand. When they produce a seed-stock-crop they grow them to completion with historic testing data, knowing exactly what to expect before ever releasing a single seed. By taking these preventative protection measures, Yeoman Farmers help reduce variables, therefore increasing chances of success for all those invested. The entirety of their business model is based around the success of the individuals who grow their stock.

YEOMAN FARMERS are active participants with the USDA, FDA, state and local governments and institutes of higher education in the development of agricultural programs, legislative framework, and cannabis education. They have a direct influence on genetics that are currently being grown Worldwide.

Yeoman Farmers Brand is a working farm, with no joint-venture funding, no commercial financing or venture capital funding. From hands and knees in the dirt, professional management and providing products you can “bet the farm on” - their reputation is their best accomplishment thus far.